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0varies' Journal

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20th August 2002

firegrrl5:57pm: Ever since I ran away to Ptbo last week, and ended up looking for and finding my apartment, I've abandoned Ovaries. I'm sorry, but I can't organize it from here. If anyone wants to take over as organizer, I'd be glad to keep working on it, I just can't be in charge right now.

Are you interested? Comedian Joanna Downey is willing to be the host, and Grace Cirocco (thanks for the suggestion, Noemi) is willing to be a speaker. Also, one of the women who wrote a story for the original book is interested in telling her story.

Basically what still has to be done is to set a date, secure the venue and work on promotions. I will do anything I'm delegated to do, and I'm able to travel between Toronto and Peterborough very frequently. I just don't feel capable of being in charge.

Is there still any interest?

7th August 2002

firegrrl7:04pm: test post
I created this community as a place to discuss the upcoming Ovaries event. The name of the community is 0varies (spelled with a zero, because the word ovaries is already taken).

even if it says you are already a member, you may have to join the community, log out and in again, before you have posting access.
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